SureFLO 298 Flowmeter

Maximize productivity and decrease operating cost using the industry’s first downhole flowmeter

TheSureFLO™ 298 flowmeter enables you to make informed decisions that maximize productivity while decreasing operating cost. We’ve installed more than 270 units worldwide; this is the trusted flow measurement solution that minimizes operational risk and cost associated with production logging runs. This technology takes the guesswork out of your production profile.

Championing downhole flowmetering

In 1993, we deployed the first-generation downhole flowmeters in the oil and gas industry. Now, 17 years later, the SureFLO 298 flowmeter is still the market leader. With industry-leading experience, we are committed to delivering your production allocation needs and improving your data quality.   

Customized solution

The flowmeter has a customized venturi design that can handle a variety of production rates and fluid properties. We ensure the right design is deployed for your application. The highly accurate data enables you to understand your wellbore and reservoir.

Continuous improvement

Over the years, we’ve improved the type of measurements and our services. Heavy-oil and wet-gas are new applications that improve unconventional hydrocarbon recovery. Data integrity and analysis services improve operational efficiency.

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