StageWatch Fracture Analysis Services

Retrieve and assess well data to build more effective wells

Gain sound reservoir data to guide your future perforating and fracturing programs with StageWatch™ fracture analysis services. StageWatch pressure/temperature (P/T) gauges are housed in a monitoring sleeve to record pressure and temperature in the wellbore before, during, and after fracturing operations. These monitoring sleeves improve operational efficiency by running in hole with the casing string, and include two gauges per sleeve to offer redundancy and flexibility.

After the operation is complete, the P/T gauges are easily retrieved with a recovery basket or VACS™ tool and the data is downloaded and interpreted to provide a greater understanding of subsurface conditions, formation variations, and the overall reservoir. This data accurately characterizes and interprets downhole conditions to improve field production and efficiency.

StageWatch fracture analysis services help you collect data from each well stage, enabling proper planning for future wells, effective refracturing strategies, and data-driven completion designs that increase production and ultimate recovery.


  • Wellbore monitoring
  • Unconventional wells
  • Multistage fracturing

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Our intelligent production systems give you the insight and control you need to make confident decisions to increase ultimate recovery and reduce total cost of ownership.

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