Fiber-Optic Well Monitoring Solutions

Drive better production decisions and increase recovery with accurate, dependable measurements

SureVIEW™ fiber-optic well monitoring systems are reliable, accurate, and cost-effective solutions designed to meet your well monitoring needs by providing customized, actionable intelligence in a variety of downhole environments.

These systems are engineered to deliver 24/7 monitoring under the most extreme well conditions. From state-of-the-art manufacturing and splicing techniques to solid-body carriers and thorough pre-deployment testing, we design and install each system to ensure dependable, trouble-free operation over the life of your well.

SureVIEW P/T Gauges

SureVIEW pressure/temperature (P/T) gauges monitor pressure and temperature along the entire wellbore.


SureVIEW distributed temperature sensing (DTS) provides a full wellbore thermal profile to help identify unproductive zones.


SureVIEW distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) identifies leak detection, water breakthrough, and flow rate estimation.


SureVIEW well integrity real-time evaluation (WIRE) provides real-time wellbore integrity monitoring. 

Learn more about the specific SureVIEW solutions by viewing the documents located under Additional Resources.


SureVIEW WIRE Monitoring System

The SureVIEW™ WIRE system enables high-density strain monitoring of the wellbore and surrounding formation to detect, localize, and classify reservoir compaction, shearing, and integrity issues.

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