SureVIEW WIRE Monitoring System

Evaluate wellbore integrity geomechanics in real time

Identify wellbore integrity issues related to compaction, heave, and shearing with the SureVIEW™ well integrity real-time evaluation (WIRE) system. This interventionless, structural integrity management system enables high-density strain monitoring of the wellbore and surrounding formation to detect, localize, and classify reservoir compaction, shearing, and integrity issues.

Early detection of these changes enables operators to

  • meet regulatory compliance
  • prolong the life of nearby wells
  • relate near-wellbore geological changes to water and steam injection programs
  • fine-tune geomechanical models
  • monitor seismic activity
  • optimize voidage (injection minus production) replacement programs to maximize ultimate recovery
  • take proactive actions to reduce HSE risks and concerns.

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