Hydrate Control

Protect against hydrate blockages in natural gas production

Baker Hughes FORSA™ low-dose hydrate inhibitors (LDHI) and supporting modeling, design, and technical services keep pipelines free of icy blockages. Additionally, Baker Hughes kinetic hydrate inhibitors (KHI) and antiagglomerant (AA) low-dose technologies are unrivaled in hydrate control.

Supercharge your hydrate control

Improved hydrate-control logistics and safety are standard with our FORSA LDHI programs. You can substantially cut volume requirements for thermodynamic inhibitors, such as methanol or MEG. Our supercharged hydrate-control programs deliver uninterrupted production and save you money. We also offer KHI and AA low-dose technologies. You can be sure to get the right treatment to meet your production needs.

Combine products without worry

Hydrate inhibitors don’t always get along well with other additives, such as corrosion inhibitors. Our knowledge base affords operators the confidence to apply combinations of production chemicals in virtually any situation. Forget worrying about performance-robbing incompatibilities. We can custom design combination products to lower capital cost and optimize utilization of existing infrastructure.

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