Extended Treatment Life Inhibitors

Save money and improve protection through extended treatment

Our extended-life oilfield treatment products and services simplify chemical programs and reduce cost. Our patented technologies are essential for extending treatment frequency and lowering operating risk.

Our unique, patented products offer superior protection while simplifying treatment programs. Continuous injection without on-site chemical pumps and tanks helps you lower HSE risk and improve cost by making fewer trips to the wellhead or pipeline.

Optimize production with time-release inhibitors

The XTEND Continuous Protection Program™ maximizes equipment life and minimizes downtime and production losses for producing oil wells. The unique time-release inhibitors offer the advantages of continuous inhibitor feed with the convenience of a truck-applied batch treatment program. Products include XP200 corrosion inhibitor, XP300 corrosion and paraffin inhibitor, and XP400 corrosion and scale inhibitor. 

Outlast conventional inhibitors

Our CRONOX FILM PLUS corrosion-control program is a batch-treatment inhibitor that outlasts conventional inhibitors in oil and gas well applications. It remains in place two to four times longer than conventional oil-soluble or water-dispersible inhibitors. It delivers better protection in sweet or sour systems and is stable in high-temperature applications.