Extreme Production Conditions

Address challenges in the harshest conditions

Certain production environments can be more difficult to manage than others. We understand the challenges faced in addressing extreme production conditions in a safe and economical manner. Our chemical products and services are specifically designed to deliver asset integrity and flow assurance under the harshest operating conditions.

Maintain performance in HP/HT

High temperature and pressure production operations require specialized products that maintain their performance level over a broad range of environmental conditions. We’ve worked with you to develop superior products for use under these extreme conditions. We test our products for stability, compatibility, and performance in your system, including certification for capillary and umbilical injection.

Protect asset integrity from high acid gas levels

Many fields produce high levels of carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide. This can pose a real threat to asset integrity and personnel and environmental safety. When acid gas levels are high, our specialized chemical products ensure continued efficient operations and minimize HSE risk. We address accelerated corrosion, FeS solids deposits, bacteria, emulsification problems, and fluids processing costs. No matter the challenge, we identify and deploy the right solution for you. 

Curb corrosion in high velocity/erosive conditions

When fluid velocities exceed a certain threshold, corrosion can be accelerated due to mass-transfer and erosional processes. Under these high shear circumstances, conventional inhibitors are often only marginally effective. We solve erosion corrosion issues with solutions that deliver the most advanced corrosion protection available for high velocity systems. We keep your production flowing, even under the most severe flow conditions.