Production Optimization

Maximize production and throughput

Our production optimization services ensure top performance from new and mature assets. We maximize throughput at fluids separation facilities; you can produce cost-effectively and safer at or above nameplate specifications. In mature fields, we reinvigorate declining production and keep assets producing profitably.

Protect the environment

We understand how to maximize oil and gas production and throughput. Our cost-effective and customized chemical treatment solutions also protect the environment. These solutions reduce energy demand in separation processes, minimizing oil-in-water emulsions and getting more life from existing infrastructure.

Maximize profit

From green field to mature, bitumen/heavy oil to condensate, onshore to deepwater, we maximize profit through improved operations by

  • quickly resolving oilfield emulsions for in-spec oil and to meet water quality targets
  • maximizing production from mature gas wells with unsurpassed foamer technology
  • reversing formation damage to restore productivity and injectivity
  • minimizing losses caused by carryover with advanced defoamer treatments.



TRETOLITE Fluids Separation

Our TRETOLITE™ fluids-separation technology delivers on-spec crude oil quickly and efficiently by breaking oilfield emulsions.


Heavy Oil Production Optimization

Our heavy-oil production optimization services efficiently maximize heavy oil production while extending asset life.


F.O.A.M. Gas Well Deliquification

Our F.O.A.M.™ deliquification foaming agent safely and economically rejuvenates older gas wells by removing liquids from the wellbore, allowing higher gas production.


RESTORE Wellbore Remediation Program

Our tailored RESTORE™ production enhancement program treatments remove deposits and restore flow in the near wellbore area.


Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) Services

Our enhanced oil recovery (EOR) integrated chemical services are proven solutions for some of the most challenging production conditions.


Chemical Solutions for Near-Wellbore Damage

Baker Hughes chemicals for near-wellbore damage help improve well productivity by delivering a cost-effective solution to combat restricted flow caused by paraffin, asphaltenes, scale, and emulsions.

Unconventional Hydrocarbons

We offer reliable technology and operational excellence with the global experience you need for greater unconventional hydrocarbon success.

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