Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) Services

Improve cost and lower risk in EOR projects

Our enhanced oil recovery (EOR) integrated chemical services are proven solutions for some of the most challenging production conditions. Regardless of the EOR method, we understand your challenges and know the preferred solutions.

We work with you to optimize production and minimize the operational risk associated with EOR. We offer the combination of optimum services that's right for your system:

  • Corrosion-control services for even the harshest production environment
  • Organic-deposit remediation and inhibition
  • Mineral-scale control even for challenging silicates
  • Natural and biogenic H2S mitigation and control
  • Challenging gas and fluids separation even in ASP floods

Meet the challenges of CO2 flood EOR

CO2 floods have unique production challenges, such as severe corrosion and deposit formation. These can quickly shut down production and threaten project economics. Overcoming these difficulties requires advanced oilfield products and services from people who understand CO2 flood production.

Address polymer flood, ASP, and other chemical EOR

The nature of the additives that make these EOR techniques effective also can lead to production headaches. These include difficult scales and exacerbated oil/water emulsions. Our products and services meet these challenges safer and more cost-effectively.

Maximize production in thermal EOR

In steam flooding and in-situ combustion/fire floods, accelerated corrosion and scaling processes are common. Additionally, produced fluids can suffer from complex emulsions that are very difficult to treat. Our corrosion and flow-assurance products and services keep thermal operations producing at maximum capacity.

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