TRETOLITE Fluids Separation

Increase production throughput and reduce energy requirements

Baker Hughes TRETOLITE™ fluids-separation technologies deliver on-spec crude oil quickly and efficiently by breaking oilfield emulsions. Superior fluids separation keeps production at or above nameplate capacity, prevents off-spec oil, and minimizes oil losses.

Efficiently break oilfield emulsions

Breaking oilfield emulsions efficiently is critical for meeting production targets and export crude specifications. TRETOLITE demulsifiers offer rapid water drop, distinct oil/water interface, clean effluent water for disposal or reinjection, low salt in crude, asphaltene stabilization, and environmental regulatory compliance.

Correct poor water quality

Fine oil dispersions and reverse emulsions reduce the quality of produced water. Many operational factors that cause poor water quality often can be corrected by proper maintenance, operations, and demulsifier selection. When these are not enough, TRETOLITE water clarifier treatments can reduce oil losses dramatically as they improve water quality while decreasing oiling out of filter media, improving deteriorating injection well profiles, and facilitating water disposal that meets governmental and corporate regulations.

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TRETOLITE SNAP Fluids Separation Technologies

TRETOLITE™ SNAP fluids separation technologies help operators get dry oil and high-quality water while also stabilizing operations and reducing costs—without limiting production.

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