TRETOLITE SNAP Fluids Separation Technologies

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Dry oil. Clean water. No compromises.

Quality oil and water separation is critical during production operations, but trying to get dry oil and high-quality water often comes with undesired costs and operational challenges, such as equipment fouling and excess slop oil generation during steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) production or water quality issues related to discharge from offshore platforms and other facilities.

To help overcome these challenges, Baker Hughes has developed TRETOLITE™ SNAP fluids separation technologies. This new generation of water clarifiers and demulsifiers helps you reliably get in-spec oil and high-quality water while stabilizing operations and reducing costs—without limiting production.

Our TRETOLITE SNAP water clarifiers and demulsifiers help you:

  • Improve operations by decreasing operational upsets
  • Cut costs by minimizing slop production and enabling higher production volumes
  • Increase profitability by achieving better performance without an increase in operating costs

Optimize oil and water separation during SAGD operations

Fluids separation is vital to the success of SAGD production, because the water has to be clean enough to reuse as steam in the thermal recovery process. TRETOLITE SNAP technologies help reduce oil-in-water (OIW) levels to improve water quality for reuse, reducing heat exchanger fouling and related equipment cleanout expenses. These products also help lower basic sediment and water (BS&W) content in the oil to decrease recycling and slop oil trucking, which translates into additional operational efficiencies and cost savings. TRETOLITE SNAP technologies enable you to increase profitability by getting a more controlled oil/water interface that improves production volumes and throughput capacity.

Improve fluids separation performance in other production applications

Oil and water separation challenges also occur in other unconventional and conventional, onshore and offshore applications where you are required to meet regulatory specifications for both in-spec oil and water disposal/discharge. TRETOLITE SNAP technologies help to more efficiently lower OIW and BS&W levels to ensure regulatory compliance and to minimize oil losses due to high OIW content. You can also achieve a tighter oil/water interface with these new products, which helps reduce slop oil production and improve overall oil and water separation.

TRETOLITE SNAP technologies are backed by 100 years of knowledge and expertise. From the beginning, Baker Hughes partners with you to understand your specific challenges to develop the right solution that will add value to your operations

TRETOLITE SNAP Fluids Separation Technologies

Quality oil and water separation is critical to the success of your business, but tends to come with undesired costs and operational challenges...

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