Information Management Services

Provides reliable, secure well-data management, hosting, and storage

Remote Operations Services (ROS) Survey

Our information management services provide standards-based data aggregation from other third-party sources, wellsite data store capability, and encrypted delivery to our secure, high-availability, geographically distributed global hosting and storage facilities.

WellLink Data Services

Manage intelligent and secure data transfers anytime, anywhere

WellLink Data Services manages the collection and retrieval of static well data files. Simple drag-and-drop functionality and automated data file delivery to entitled end users’ computers allow easy distribution of well data files up to 3 GB in size for timely integration of all necessary data into the customers’ specific formation evaluation workflows for comprehensive analysis and collaboration.

Quick, reliable access to your data for analysis, collaboration, and decision making is made possible when well data files are automatically delivered directly to entitled users’ desktops, whenever and wherever users are.

To ensure there is no loss of data during unforeseen data communication outages, the WellLink™ wellsite data aggregation service incorporates data buffering and automatic recovery and retransmission. Data is aggregated from third-party, standard protocol data feeds, (WITS, WITSML, and OPC), and transmitted as a single encrypted data feed to the customers’ or Baker Hughes data centers. Secure data feeds can be distributed to multiple data center locations when necessary.

To ensure data is up to date and available to all members of the decision making team, the WellLink Field Store service keeps wellsite data synchronized with the shore-based data center. The service provides wellsite data storage of Baker Hughes and third-party data with WITSML store capability for access by customers with WITSML-compliant applications.

Our information management services standard provides managed hosting and storage in secure, high-availability global data centers with five-year, renewable long-term storage and retrieval. Where regulatory or customer policy compliance prohibits use of our global data centers, Baker Hughes will deliver standardized, local in-country or in-customer secure, high-availability hosting and storage solutions.


  • Secure operations data management
  • Third-party data aggregation

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