Managed Customer Solutions

Collaborate and make decisions in real time with decision support centers (DSC) and real-time operations centers (RTOC)

Remote Operations Services (ROS) Survey

Our managed customer solutions provide a collaborative environment that fosters operational performance-enhancing decision making between you and the Baker Hughes decision team. We have 30 years of experience in data communications and remote monitoring, and more than a decade of real-time operations center development and management. So you can rely on the Baker Hughes team to deliver the right solution to meet and exceed your expectations. 

Reducing costs by driving down nonproductive time (NPT) and improving operational performance throughout the lifecycle of the well are core functions of our Remote Operations and Decision Support centers (DSCs). Using the proven BEACON service delivery platform for prejob planning, real-time monitoring, and post job analysis and reporting, the Remote Operations center and DSCs become an integral part of your continuous improvement process. Standard operating procedures based on best practices can be implemented and supported remotely across the global operations arena. 

Maximize the value you get from Remote Operations centers by employing Baker Hughes dedicated experts and remote advisory services. Services include key performance indicator (KPI) monitoring and reporting, vibration analysis, drilling engineering and optimization, drilling surveillance and NPT avoidance, reservoir navigation, and pore pressure analysis. 

Reduce health, safety, and environmental (HS&E) exposure, travel time and costs by removing the need for your experts to travel to the field operations locations. Our Remote Operations Center enables your experts to work remotely to support your global operations.

Maximize your subject matter experts’ efficiency, so they can focus on planning, analysis and decision making by relying on the dedicated 24x7 BEACON service operations management team to perform real-time data quality assurance and quality control, service request management, and operations reporting. The team ensures right-time delivery of data from our secure, high-availability hosting and storage information management platform. For extended reliability, we can provide site failover capability to our global operations and advisory centers network. 


  • Personnel-on-board (POB) reduction
  • NPT reduction
  • Remote advisory services
  • Drilling operations continuous improvement process 

Reservoir Services

Baker Hughes Reservoir Development Services (RDS) offers impartial advice that effectively supports you throughout the E&P life cycle for maximized asset value.

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