WellLink Performance Service

Identify drilling inefficiencies and improve well performance

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In today’s cost-sensitive drilling environment, Operators are looking for opportunities to improve their drilling efficiency and reduce their financial exposure. Their ability to identify and remedy issues affecting efficiency can lead to improved drilling economics. The Baker Hughes WellLink™ Performance analysis service provides the granularity and tailored outputs to truly understand what is going on in  the daily operation, and where time is being lost, rig to rig, crew to crew, activity to activity.

Identify invisible lost time

Most drilling performance initiatives focus primarily on eliminating downtime caused by wellbore problems and equipment failures. What many operators can’t see is the invisible lost time (ILT) related to inefficiencies around drilling processes which can be as much as 30% of normal uptime activities.

Currently, it is common practice to manually analyze drilling reports to uncover ILT, but with the WellLink Performance service you can effortlessly expose this by leveraging the visualization and analysis capabilities in the application, in real time and to a greater degree of granularity than through manual analysis.

The WellLink Performance service applies analytics to historic and real time wellsite data to create a comprehensive drilling performance solution. Web-based dashboards interpret complex data buried inside legacy applications and drilling reporting systems to provide instantly accessible and actionable information.

This insight can be obtained through a variety of intuitive, multilevel drilldown dashboards, plots, charts, and alarm monitor displays, including:

  • Graphical views of various drilling / tripping practices - Real-time displays for immediate visualization of performance challenges and trends to evaluate connection procedures, circulating times, reaming at connections, rate or penetration, and tripping speed.
  • Crew KPI view - User configurable crew performance KPI comparisons including support for setting up crew schedules
  • KPI monitor - Real-time advanced KPI metrics and visualizations with alarm status
  • Performance Opportunity Time (POT) - Instant identification of areas needing performance improvement
  • Days vs. Depth - Plot current well against well plan, offset, or benchmarked well

The WellLink Performance service allows you to display the breakdown of operational activities and compare KPIs from multiple wells and rigs to identify inefficiencies during the well construction process.

Investigate the root cause of invisible lost time

WellLink Performance allows you to proactively identify causes of drilling inefficiencies and performance gaps, enabling decision makers to recognize performance improvement opportunities and define mitigating actions for current and future wells.

This solution eliminates time consuming manual analysis tasks including measuring flat time and deriving performance opportunities.  Additionally, you will be able to drill down into various defined activities to provide you additional context to the analysis.

This solution allows you to efficiently sift through all the key data points to find the root cause of your ILT.

Identify areas of improvement, learn from past experiences, and set performance expectations

You can improve drilling and rig performance and reduce well construction cost by immediate detection and rectification of drilling problems through comparisons of drilling times against plans and benchmarks.

Daily KPI reports provide individual rig performance information enabling decision-makers to take proactive actions to improve tripping times, connection times, gross ROP, hole conditioning times and flat time on low-performing rigs.

Once you have identified the lessons learned from identifying and analyzing your performance data, WellLink Performance allows you to set operational limits and controls that can be monitored and alarmed against in real time. This capability creates a closed loop of operational monitoring that will help you drive continuous improvement across your operations.

Baker Hughes Service Instantly Converts Complex Drilling Data into Useful Information for Improved Efficiency and Economics

HOUSTON – (June 21, 2016) – Baker Hughes announced today the commercial release of its WellLink™ Performance service, designed to help operators reduce invisible lost time (ILT)...

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