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Make better decisions with remote, real-time data visualization

Remote Operations Services (ROS) Survey

Our remote visualization services optimize real-time delivery of wellsite data, graphically integrating any type of WITSML data from diverse sources such as measurement while drilling (MWD)/logging while drilling (LWD), mud logging, wireline, casing, cementing, completion, weather, position, anchor, drilling instrumentation, and drilling equipment.

Secure access to information independent of geographical location is delivered by our web-based remote visualization services, increasing awareness of wellsite operations and allowing collaboration among the wellsite, shore-based subject matter experts, and Baker Hughes personnel to expedite the decision making process.

Additional mobility is provided by the WellLink™ RT Mobile native iPhone® and iPad® applications, which delivers a complementary solution for the standard browser-based service. This allows personnel to work remotely to reduce personnel at the wellsite, reducing health, safety, and environmental risks, decreasing costs, and simplifying rig logistics.

Easy-to-use and -configure web interfaces mean that users can select standard display formats from the extensive global libraries or use the versatile toolkit to modify or create their own personal formats combining multiple components such as log widgets, bar and circular gauges, numeric widgets, data tables, steering rose, radar widget, cross plots, wellbore schematic, directional survey plot, and rig activity widget. All data is displayed in the user-selected unit conversions set.

The interfaces support preset time and depth scales as well as full zoom functions. The displays can be sent directly to the printer or data can be exported over any interval to standard formats including CSV, ASCII, LAS, or WITSML. Offset well data can be imported to view beside the real-time well data. Additional monitoring and collaborative support is provided by alarms, real-time annotations, and chat.

Remote visualization services are supported by the robust, reliable BEACON™ service delivery platform, providing encrypted data transmission from the wellsite to our secure, scalable, high-availabilit, global hosting and storage facilities, or where regulatory or customer policy dictate, to our local in-country and in-company solutions. All services are backed by BEACON Global Services team, providing remote monitoring from our BEACON operations centers for data quality assurance and 24x7 service operations management support.


  • Remote data quality assurance
  • Personnel on-board reduction (remanned operations)
  • Operations collaboration and decision making


The Baker Hughes MetaWin™ Windows™-based application lets you view, annotate, and print Baker Hughes META files and industry CGM files, such as log graphic files. Supported exports include PDF, BMP, JPEG, CGM, PNG, and TIFF formats.

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