WellLink Wireline Remote Visualization Service

Access, monitor, and interpret wireline data in real time for more confident decision-making

Remote Operations Services (ROS) Survey

The WellLink™ Wireline web-based, remote visualization service connects experts to critical logging information in real time, allowing timely interpretation that leads to better decisions.

Improved visualization for real-time quality control

When unexpected circumstances arise, the WellLink Wireline visualization service allows intuitive visualization modifications that enable immediate responses and strategy adjustments.

This real-time monitoring and wireline interpretation service transmits accurate data reliably and securely to help you:

  • Ensure that data-acquisition objectives are met
  • Quantify changes in reservoir rock and fluid properties
  • Understand the reservoir architecture
  • Determine the need to acquire additional data points, extend sampling depths, and determine sampling times.

The real power behind this service is time. The quicker you understand the reservoir, the better equipped you’ll be at managing it effectively and efficiently.

Share the right data with the right expertise

Different logging data requires interpretation from different experts. The WellLink Wireline visualization service offers a common platform that allows experts to collaborate remotely across disciplines—thus ensuring a clear understanding of logging objectives, more accurate interpretation of data, and effective application of operational procedures.

To enable clear discussions and to streamline the decision-making process, this service uses software that provides template-sharing capabilities, allowing users to visualize data in the same format.

In addition to sharing templates, WellLink Wireline also allows field engineers to chat directly with all users, for true, real-time collaboration.

Reliable and secure access to critical logging data

The WellLink Wireline visualization service leverages a secure, high-availability platform that enables multi-well surveillance and monitoring, reliable data delivery, and secure accessibility. Using standards-based data transferring, this service also enables remote processing of data, integration with existing models, and quality control that can be performed continuously during operations, with a short turnaround time.

Mitigate HSE risk through remote visualization

The WellLink Wireline visualization service simplifies rig logistics and mitigates health, safety, and environmental (HSE) risks by reducing the number of personnel required at the rigsite and the need for travel.

Gain access to a global support network WellLink

Wireline utilizes our BEACON™ enterprise platform for real-time remote operations, which offers access to global collaboration centers supported by cross-functional expertise and our knowledge network. This support network, available 24/7, is there to share innovative templates in real time, in order to help you drive the best decisions possible.

Remote Operations Services

Managing today’s oil and gas operations can be challenging with remote geographies, globally disbursed infrastructure and personnel, and budget.

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