Reservoir Consulting

Delivering trusted advice that yields greater returns

If you are second-guessing a complex evaluation or struggling with an underperforming asset, RDS consultants can help.

RDS experts forecast reservoir performance with a high degree of confidence by mapping critical reservoir properties into a fully integrated 3D model. They use these predictive models to identify the number of wells required, optimal drilling and completion strategies, the present and future need for artificial lift, and the expected production of oil, water, and gas.

Rely on recommendations from a consulting team with extensive expertise and years of experience in geoscience, modeling and simulation, economics, and reservoir engineering. Our professionals conduct integrated, multidisciplinary exploitation studies, including reservoir characterization, reservoir simulation, integrated asset modeling, reserves determination, improved/ enhanced oil recovery (IOR/ EOR), and economic risk analysis.

These studies provide our experts with a more accurate estimate of reserves and geological complexity in order for them to recommend the optimum technical and economic reservoir exploitation plan.

Engineering solutions for every challenge

From the deepest offshore fields and complex unconventional shale plays to enhancing recovery from a mature field, RDS experts build on a solid reservoir understanding to engineer application-specific solutions that maximize profitable recovery. These solutions combine the expertise, evaluation, equipment, and engineering necessary to promote smart spending, increased production performance, and operational efficiency.

In unconventional shale plays, RDS consultants help you assess and invest in economically viable acreage, identify sweet spots, determine optimal intervals for well and fracture stage placement, design completions that yield greater returns, and extend the productive life of the asset.

When faced with the challenges surrounding today’s high-cost, high-profile deepwater campaigns, RDS experts provide valuable insight on reserves potential and accessibility, while optimizing development planning, improving wellbore stability and integrity, and reducing the economic and safety risks of sand production.

To extract the remaining value from your mature fields, RDS consultants help you determine the best enhanced oil recovery (EOR) solution to implement. They conduct reservoir performance analyses to identify areas of bypassed oil and then determine the most effective approach to recover it, such as waterflood, steam injection or carbon-dioxide gas injection.

For trusted advice and reservoir solutions that yield greater returns contact your local RDS representative today.


Reservoir Engineering

Reservoir engineering helps you identify the risks and opportunities, assess the uncertainties and optimize the development of your reservoir.

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