MFrac Design and Evaluation Simulator

Better fracture design and treatment analysis

Our MFrac™ design and evaluation simulator has a variety of options for 3D fracture geometry and integrated acid fracturing.

The fully coupled proppant transport and heat transfer routines, with a flexible user interface and object-oriented development approach, enable you to use the application for fracture design and treatment analysis.

The MFrac simulator is the calculation engine for real-time and replay fracture simulation. When operating in this manner, the simulator works with our MView™ real-time data acquisition and display application.


During real-time or replay analysis, the application receives the simulation input data from our MView™ real-time hydraulic fracturing and minifrac analysis. These data can include the acquired parameters: pump rate, bottomhole, and surface pressures; proppant concentration; and nitrogen or CO2 injection rates versus time.

The minifrac results from our MinFrac™ design and analysis application can be used in the MFrac simulator to calibrate the stresses, fracture model, fracture efficiency, and pad volume prior to the actual pumping of the treatment.

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