MPwri Produced Water Reinjection Simulator

Predict hydraulic fracture pressure and geometry

Our MPwri™ simulator is used for predicting hydraulic fracture pressure and geometry associated with produced water reinjection and water flooding.

The application was specifically designed for evaluating the effects of injecting large volumes of fluid over long periods of time with fracture efficiencies approaching zero.

The MPwri application has options for the conventional and ellipsoidal fluid loss. At early times, fluid loss from the fracture is generally diffusion controlled or 1D, but at large times the fluid loss is governed by ellipsoidal and pseudosteady state leakoff.

The reservoir coupling with ellipsoidal fluid loss has a marked effect on fracture geometry for high-permeability, large-injection volumes compared with1D leakoff.

Boundary conditions for the reservoir drainage area include closed system, constant pressure boundary condition, and pseudosteady state behavior.

The application has numerous plots illustrating the thermal and water fronts, thermal and poroelastic stresses as a function of time and depth, internal and external skin and cake, volume loss per unit area, and transitional volume losses before the onset of an external cake.

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