MShale Natural Fracture Simulator

Predict fracture propagation and extent

Our MShale™ discrete fracture network (DFN) simulator is used for predicting fracture propagation and extent in fractured and naturally fractured reservoirs. The 3D numerical simulator is designed to model multiple, cluster/complex/swarm, and discrete fractures in shale and coalbed methane formations.

The multidimensional DFN solution, based on a network grid system, has options for continuum theory and discontinuous grid.

The program offers user-specified DFN characteristics where the fracture network spacing, aperture, and aspect ratios are input and deterministic DFN characteristics where the stress differences and network properties are specified.

The fracture characteristics, apertures, and propagation in the x, y, and z directions can be numerically calculated.

Fracture interaction can be user specified or calculated empirically based on the created network fractures and spacing. Proppant transport also is unique: the proppant distribution can be uniform, all in the dominant fracture, or calculated according to a user-specified minimum allocation in the dominant x-z fracture plane.

The application also can be used as a diagnostic tool to compare the DFN numerical results with microseismic data.

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