JewelSuite Unconventional Workflow

Improve reservoir characterization with integrated 3D models

The Baker Hughes JewelSuite™ reservoir modeling software improves understanding of unconventional plays by showing all relevant aspects of the reservoir as integrated 3D models. 

Using patented gridding technology, JewelSuite unconventional workflow allows you to analyze your data at scales ranging from regional models to detailed reservoir or well models. You can study a smaller subsection at higher resolution without recreating the model or run different production scenarios to reduce uncertainty.

Enhanced connectivity to IMEX or GEM*, combined with JewelSuite Tartan gridding and Local Grid Refinement capabilities, allows for the analysis and optimization of detailed flow behavior around the wellbore and its fracture stages. This creates a single interface to quickly develop accurate models for fracture program optimization.

The addition of Blue Marble Geographics technology ensures correctness of geospatial data, and innovative data mining capability enables quick analysis of very large well datasets to build accurate models.

JewelSuite software creates a 3D reservoir model using digital elevation models and geographic information system images for better well pad placement. Fracture simulation results from our MFrac™ simulator provides 3D visuals of fracture designs for better frac planning.

The Baker Hughes JewelSuite software includes a new user interface and a more user-friendly operation, with further structural framework enhancements for even faster model building.

With the ability to customize your workflow panels, you can easily visualize, organize, and query thousands of wells at once. Thanks to the new main menus objects and the search option in the solution explorer, you can just type in a part of the workflow or process you need, and the smart search engine will provide the correct information.

The JewelSuite software has additional improvements like an enhanced drag-and-drop data import that automatically recognizes your files so you can quickly load the correct data and begin modeling immediately. We also added a TVD clipping option that can show the trajectories between a user-defined minimum and maximum value, adding a tremendous increase to your 3D workspace visibility.

We’ve combined the Geological and Simulation Grid in the new 3D Grid group so you can work faster with fewer errors. The Graphical Editor has been extended with point-set property editing, and a probe shows exact location while hovering over objects in your 3D view.

For more information about JewelSuite reservoir modeling software and the unconventional workflow, please call or e-mail your Baker Hughes representative.

*GEM is a trademark of Computer Modeling Group Ltd.

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