JewelSuite Geologic Modeling

Build accurate 3D geologic models

Baker Hughes JewelSuite™ Subsurface Modeling software lets you build accurate 3D models, regardless of the reservoir’s structural complexity. Regional and local structures are captured without need to compromise.

Our geologic modeling software is intuitive and easy to use with a short learning curve. With our audit trail and collaboration technology, specialists and asset team members can quickly review and QC models. Complex reservoir models can be updated and modified easily with new well information or alternative geological scenarios.


Interpretation of Seismic Data

Work with a powerful set of 3D seismic visualization and editing tools for incremental interpretation for all of your geologic modeling needs.


Well Correlation

Easily set up a log display from single well petrophysical evaluation to multiple well panels for correlation and stratigraphic analysis of the reservoir profile.


Structural Modeling

Automatically resolve problems such as crossing surfaces and any other inconsistencies in the structural model. You can build complex structural framework models easily.


Time-Depth Conversion

Seismic data and interpretation can be converted in both directions between the time and depth domains, using a wide range of velocity models.


3D Gridding

Patented 3D gridding technology enables you to build and grid realistic models in structurally complex reservoirs.



All geometric objects can include numerous properties, each of which can be single or multiple instances in the form of time-variant data or multiple realizations.


Property Modeling

There are various ways to populate the reservoir model, surfaces, and wells with properties. These properties include porosity, permeability, saturation, and net rock volume.


Fluid Modeling

Leverage geology, petrophysics and reservoir engineering data to build robust, reliable, integrated hydrocarbon fluid distribution models.


Well Planning

Interactively create new wells in the 3D view. Simply digitize the well path on the available project data objects, including seismic, 3D property models, or simulation results.


Well Pad Planner

Easily optimize the planning and building of a successful well plan based on pre-defined parameters and constraints avoiding costly errors and potential hazards.


StairStep Conversion and Export

Conversion of our grids to stair-step grids makes them compatible with RESCUE B export and enables loading into any modeling or simulation software.


Multi-point Statistics (MPS)

Multiple-point statistics simulations can be effectively conditioned to external data in the form of wells, 3D facies

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