3D Gridding

Build and grid realistic models in complex reservoirs

JewelSuite™ geologic modeling software's patented 3D gridding technology enables you to build and grid realistic models in structurally complex reservoirs. 

  • Geologic modeling can handle any kind of structural complexity without compromise quickly and easily.
  • Capture regional and local structure(s) without simplifying the geology. The 3D grid comprises mostly orthogonal cells vertically stacked. Build grids free from the restrictions created by other gridding technologies.
  • 3D grids, which can be created very quickly after the interpretation phase of the model build, are an excellent tool for QC and improvement of the existing structural model. You can return to the model at any point to implement updated/edited/improved structural interpretations and regrid with ease.
  • The vertical, orthogonal nature of the 3D grid structure enables easy and hassle-free resizing of the model's grid cells, allowing you to accurately determine the optimal model resolution.

The 3D gridding process creates geologic models that honor to high levels of accuracy the complete structural framework of an area.

Once a 3D grid is created from a water-tight structural framework of surfaces, the main grid structure has been defined. Additional functionality includes our petrophysical interpretations, such as marker picks and internal formation zonation.

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