Property Modeling

Customize geologic models with a variety of properties

In JewelSuite™ geologic modeling software, there are various ways to populate the reservoir model, surfaces, and wells using properties. These properties include porosity, permeability, saturation, and net rock volume. You can create and modify these properties using different methods.

  • Property Calculator for using logical expressions to create properties associated with any type of object
  • Property Modeling Module for using a wide range of interpolation and simulation methods to create facies and reservoir properties in 3D grids with input from petrophysical well logs and other data sources
  • Graphical Property Editor to paint facies and property values into 3D and 2D grids. This tool includes a 3D sketch pad so not only can you create alternative scenarios for sensitivity testing or history matching but Multiple Point Statistics (MPS) training models quickly as well.

Various modeling methods are available in the Property Modeling Module.

  • Facies modeling
    • Trend modeling
    • Sequential Indicator Simulation (SIS) and block-SIS including options for Collocated Co-Kriging, as well as others
    • MPS techniques for realistic and coherent facies models, using our Impala MPS plug-in
  • Petrophysical modeling
    • Trend modeling
    • Interpolation methods like inverse distance weighted, Kriging and Co-Kriging
    • Sequential Gaussian Simulation and Sequential Gaussian Co-Simulation

The JewelSuite software records a history of each object. The user can rerun all calculator and property modeling steps stored in this history. It’s possible to combine multiple steps and script edit to facilitate batch processes.

A property dictionary sets up custom property definitions and templates. This is an easy way to manipulate and populate objects with property values.

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