Interpretation of Seismic Data

Visualize and compare seismic data with all workflow data

JewelSuite™ Subsurface Modeling software contains a powerful set of 3D seismic visualization and editing tools for incremental interpretation, such as completing and amending seismic interpretation, so all of your geologic modeling needs are met.

Easily import seismic SEG-Y data, in time and depth, and visualize these in 3D and 2D views. An extensive tool kit for fault and horizons interpretation enables automated horizon tracking. Use seismic evidence fully even in the most complex faulted structures with fault or horizon-parallel slicing.

Throughout the modeling workflow, seismic data are readily available for use with all other reservoir data. This includes covisualization of seismic data with reservoir simulation results and all other subsurface data, closing the loop between geologic inputs and results and enabling effective QC.

Our software includes better property mapping methods to accurately transfer seismic amplitudes and inversion results to geocellular models.

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