StairStep Conversion and Export

Maximize other modeling applications and simulators with RESCUE module

Conversion of JewelSuite™ geologic modeling software grids to stair-step grids makes them compatible with RESCUE B export and enables loading into any modeling or simulation software. Stair-step grids can also be exported in generic ECLIPSE™ reservoir simulation format.

In more detail, the RESCUE link in JewelSuite software enables the following workflow combinations:

  • passing stair-stepped models to nonintegrated simulators, such as Tempest™ simulator and VIP™ simulator
  • exchanging stair-stepped models with other geologic modeling applications, such as the Petrel™ E&P software platform and IRAP RMS™ software
  • adding corner-point geometry to schematic simulation grids for visualization in ECLIPSE Office, Petrel RE, and CMG™ Builder & Results
  • improving connectivity to third-party software for automatic history matching.

JewelSuite software can load 3D corner-point grids created in other packages, regardless of the grid type if they can be stored in industry formats.

ECLIPSE is a trademark of Schlumberger.
Petrel is a trademark of Schlumberger.
Tempest is a trademark of Emerson Process Management.
IRAP RMS is a trademark of Roxar AS.
CMG is a trademark of Computer Modelling Group LTD.

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