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All geometric objects in JewelSuite™ geologic modeling software—such as surfaces, wells, seismic, and grids—can include numerous properties, each of which can be single or multiple instances in the form of time-variant data or multiple realizations. Understanding the messages in these properties is a crucial step in subsurface modeling, QC, and decision making.

At every workflow stage, properties can be examined in histograms, scatter plots, and variograms, confining analysis to relevant data by extensive filtering methods. In addition, various table views are available to inspect data and isolate outliers. Use our marker tables and find erroneous picks by investigating thickness information.

To compare properties stored with various geometric objects, you need to map property information between the objects using appropriate resampling methods. The JewelSuite Calculator supports the property exchange between all geometries from polylines and point sets to 3D grids and finite element.

The calculator meshes with dedicated methods, giving you ultimate freedom in managing property information. The most frequent paths for property exchange are supported by dedicated user interfaces and can be used safely by less experienced users.

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