Structural Modeling

Build a structural framework

JewelSuite™ geologic modeling software allows you to build a structural framework. This is the process in which a wide range of data inputs—from seismic horizons to sparse sets of point—are interpolated into continuous surfaces, tied to wells and intersected to form a water-tight network of faults, horizons, unconformities, and intrusion bodies.

The process automatically resolves problems such as crossing surfaces and any other inconsistencies in the structural model. Using a simple step-by-step approach, even inexperienced users can build complex structural framework models easily.

More experienced users will enjoy the JewelSuite software interactive editing tool kit for manipulation of surfaces and other geometric objects. These tools offer you maximum control to morph surfaces into shapes. This functionality follows the JewelSuite mission of fast and easy workflows, allowing you to build complex models in a few days rather than in weeks. 

JewelSuite software has dedicated workflows to support 3D modeling from limited inputs, such as 2D grids and fault-gap polygons, and very limited data. Even early in the exploration phase, you can build 3D models for better insight into prospect geometry and better decision making.

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