Well Correlation

Correlate petrophysical well log data

Using the Well Correlation View in JewelSuite™ geologic modeling software, you can easily set up a log display from single well petrophysical evaluation to multiple well panels for correlation and stratigraphic analysis of the reservoir profile. You can pick markers interactively and manipulate all available data to extract maximum information in support of further modeling activities.

Other useful tools make your geological interpretation work easy and efficient combined with available options for QC purposes. You can customize log visualization by working with templates that can also be shared with other users and exchanged between projects.

Even when working with large data sets, our software allows you to link well selection, order appearance to a cross section, and quickly step through all wells performing interpretation.

  • The Edit Log functions allow you make the necessary revisions on existing logs.
  • Using the powerful JewelSuite Calculator functionality, you can modify your present logs or derive new curves from existing ones.
  • The interactive Facies Drawing tool allows you to quickly assign intervals to different classes of a discrete property.
  • Extract logs from any 3D property available in your model along the well trajectory and display them together with the primary log for QC purposes.
  • Blocked well logs are displayed together with the matching original one. A well histogram presentation also helps you to evaluate vertical grid definition.

Mismatches between interpreted horizons and corresponding markers can be easily detected in Well Correlation View and further corrected ensuring full consistency between well and interpretation data.

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