JewelSuite Reservoir Engineering

Integrate accurate geologic models seamlessly into the reservoir simulator

Baker Hughes JewelSuite™ Subsurface Modeling software allows you to integrate accurate geologic models, without losing any structural detail, seamlessly into your reservoir simulation. The application, which comes with a plug-in for your simulator of choice, includes all workflows required for dynamic modeling. 

This reservoir engineering software includes a comprehensive pre- and post-processing and simulator job management environment for IMEX™ simulator and GEM™ simulator, and ECLIPSE™ reservoir simulation software.

Updates in the structural model and/or in the geologic properties model easily flow into your simulation model, allowing you to research the effect on reserves, production rates, and other critical parameters of your field development planning.

These workflows enable extensive and efficient history matching, sensitivity analysis, and field development planning optimization.

You can build simulation models directly from the geologic model, based on the accurate gridding in JewelSuite Subsurface Modeling software. Alternatively, use the option to specify an orthogonal grid, if necessary, with local refinements. You can also import the grid and associated properties using a variety of file formats, including GRDECL and RESCUE.

Our reservoir engineering software allows you to build and/or import PVT, rock-fluid, initialization, and other data types, which can be copied directly from spreadsheets. Production data can be imported and used for well constraint setting and history matching.

For each of the simulators, JewelSuite Reservoir Engineering software supports keywords frequently used to specify well constraints and settings.

The reservoirsimulator manager, an integral part of the reservoir engineering software, offers you full control on submitting, monitoring, and controlling the simulation runs on your computer and/or server(s).

Once a simulation run has finished, the results are automatically loaded. These results can be extensively analyzed using time plots and 2D or 3D visualization.

ECLIPSE is a trademark of Schlumberger.
IMEX and GEM are trademarks of Computer Modelling Group Ltd.


Model Upscaling

With the flexible setup of our patended JewelSuite gridding technology, the upscaling process is fast and consistent.


Reservoir Simulation

Our patented gridding system allows you to build realistic models with deep integration between static and dynamic modeling.


Well Planning

Easily make the necessary adjustments in well trajectory in 3D view.


Well Pad Planner

Easily optimize the planning and building of a successful well plan based on pre-defined parameters and constraints avoiding costly errors and potential hazards.


StairStep Conversion and Export

Conversion of our grids to stair-step grids makes them compatible with RESCUE B export and enables loading into any modeling or simulation software.


Simulator Connectivity Add-in

This fully integrated plug-in is used for black oil, compositional, and various other problems.

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