Model Upscaling

Optimize reservoir simulation with model upscaling

The geologic reservoir model can be easily upscaled inside the JewelSuite™ modeling software. With the flexible setup of our patented JewelSuite gridding technology, the upscaling process is fast and consistent. This offers an optimal reservoir simulation grid for the anticipated recovery process using various techniques to upscale the properties.

The geological grid can be upscaled in various ways:

  • lateral: various grid stacks are grouped together
  • vertical: various model layers are grouped together
  • cropped: select a lateral subset of stacks.
  • The grid properties can be upscaled using various methods:
  • average: arithmetic, geometric, harmonic
  • weighted average: arithmetic, geometric, harmonic
  • resistance
  • sum
  • minimum/maximum
  • most occurring.

After creating the simulation grid, transmissibility properties can be calculated using the permeability properties, Kx, Ky, Kz, as inputs. These properties, which are a measure for the transmissibility of fluids between adjacent grid cells, are used in the reservoir simulation. During this calculation, all non-neighbor connections will be calculated for each fault interface. These connections are used for reservoir simulation.

In addition to upscaling geological models, you can also use the model upscaling process to calculate the well productivity index and aquifer connections. These will also be used in reservoir simulation.

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