Well Pad Planner

Quickly plan well locations and verify your drilling scenarios

Baker Hughes JewelSuite™ Wellpad Planner software creates field development planning that is easy, fast, accurate and efficient for well planning.

The automatic well trajectory creation is enabled by introducing a well target zone: the indication of the specific target reservoir intervals and the desired well location within those intervals. You can specify the inclination of the horizontal trajectory explicitly, or set toe and heel positions relative to the target reservoir zone. In creating a well path, the Wellpad Planner would also smartly incorporate structural variations. This simplifies not only well planning for well pads, but can also be very useful for traditional field development planning.

Planning well pad locations and well trajectories can be very time-consuming. The amount of data to be altered due to relatively small adjustments in planning or objectives is immense. Moreover, in existing workflows the strenuous data exchange process between well planners, drillers and geoscientists can take a lot of time and frustration. A moderately sized lease can now collaboratively be planned within hours. For example, by changing parameters, the well trajectories are recreated automatically and instantaneously.

The JewelSuite Wellpad Planner provides full control on individual wells. Well specifics can be changed for a selection of wells, or specified and locked for individual wells if required. For example, you can set Kickoff Point (KOP), well azimuth, and distance to lease boundary on demand.

Well pads can be relocated or rotated by specifying the coordinates of the (new) position or by interactively moving the well pad in 2D or 3D views. It is quite useful, for instance, if the need arises, to rotate well pads because the stress field varies in direction. Using JewelSuite local model update functionality, it is very easy to adapt the geological model to the latest logging results. Subsequently, you can update well trajectories with a single mouse click.

The Wellpad Planner is a smart extension of the Baker Hughes Reservoir Software suite. JewelSuite is compatible with CMG’s simulators, Abaqus and Baker Hughes MFrac simulators; easily allowing for the exchange of data between them via shared files, or by dragging and dropping data between them. You can use the Wellpad Planner stand-alone or in combination with other JewelSuite applications like GeoMechanics and Reservoir Engineering.

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