Reservoir Simulation

Build realistic models with complex geology

Baker Hughes JewelSuite™ reservoir simulation software is the only software that builds accurate models with complex geology. Our patented gridding system allows you to build realistic models with deep integration between static and dynamic modeling.

JewelSuite simulation software offers accurate results. Research shows our patented gridding technology generates more accurate results in simulation than models generated by other gridding methods.

There’s fast model updating and scenario building from geometry scenarios to development options. Dynamic model simulation can be controlled fully from within JewelSuite software while connecting to a number of other applications, including the IMEX™ simulator, GEM™ simulator, ECLIPSE™ software, and SENSOR™ simulator.

Multiple reservoir simulation cases can be defined and started simultaneously on an engineer’s local PC or on remote simulation server. Multiple simulation cases can be defined containing inputs and settings for each simulation run, allowing for case or scenario management. These are useful uncertainty management tools.

The following are defined per simulation case and can be edited in separated views: general settings, reservoir descriptions, faults, PVT data, rock-fluid data, platforms, separators, wells with static and dynamic data, lift tables, and reporting times.

All reservoir simulation inputs can be entered easily during the data preparation stages. During simulation, you can monitor the run in the logging view. Once the simulation is ready, all results are automatically imported in JewelSuite software and available for analysis.

Time-based properties can be animated on the 3D grid and on 2D maps. Using advanced charting capabilities, well and field results also can be compared at this point. History data can be imported to support the history matching process.

Here’s an example of this powerful application: An oil saturation (SO) grid property simulated and generated by a Sensor simulation run on a JewelSuite grid. Multiple stacked reservoirs can be modeled and simulated in one system. Move easily back and forth between your geological model and simulation model for quick updates.

IMEX and GEM are trademarks of Computer Modelling Group Ltd.
ECLIPSE is a trademark of Schlumberger.
SENSOR is a trademark of Coats Engineering, Inc.

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