Fluid Analysis and Characterization

Accurate PVT models for optimal development planning

Successful development planning and management of oil and gas operations relies heavily on a clear understanding of fluid phase behavior and fluid characteristics. These properties play a crucial role in all aspects of field development, from predicting reservoir economics through production flow assurance.

Our JewelSuite FluidPulse™ fluid analysis and characterization tool provides petroleum and reservoir engineers with accurate pressure/volume/temperature (PVT) modeling and analysis. This application offers both black oil and equation of state (EoS) modeling capabilities. Workflows implemented within the library include tuning both black oil models and critical properties of pseudo components in EoS modeling to measured data. Users can also manually group components (lumping) into a smaller number of pseudo components in order to increase calculation speed without compromising predictive capability in many use cases including compositional reservoir modeling. Among its capabilities are also creating fluid properties and phase envelope calculation with quality lines at desired intervals.

A modern user interface combines functionality with well-organized intuitive layouts. Support for unit systems makes it easy to adjust the application to your requirements. Comparative visualization of data/results empowers users to rapidly gain knowledge and quickly make decisions.

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