GMI Geomechanics

Reduce NPT and optimize production

Our GMI GeoMechanics software suite offers reliable solutions to complex problems, such as wellbore stability, fracture identification and analysis, or pore pressure prediction. Through better decision making with better information, you can reduce nonproductive time and optimize production.


SFIB (Stress and Failure of Inclined Boreholes)

The software offers full 3D stress modeling for wellbore breakouts and tensile wall fractures. Assess the stress state around a wellbore.


Caliper (Geomechanical Caliper Interpretation)

The software instantly determines orientation and extent of stress-induced wellbore breakouts. This enables better decisions, allowing you to reach total depth more profitably.


Imager (Geomechanical Image Interpretation)

Imager™ software allows you to get a better look at wellbore image data from acoustic to electrical to optical.


MohrFracs (Fracture and Fault Stability Interpretation)

The software leverages fractured reservoir information from our other software applications. This ensures the best selection of drilling trajectories.

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