Caliper (Geomechanical Caliper Interpretation)

Understand breakouts with caliper analysis

Caliper™ software instantly determines orientation and extent of stress-induced wellbore breakouts. This enables better decisions, allowing you to reach total depth more profitably.

The software differentiates breakout features from washouts and pipe wear along the borehole wall. There are quantitative values of breakout distribution over any depth range. Understanding breakouts is critical for optimizing reservoir performance, wellbore stability, fault seal integrity, and fracture permeability. The software shows constraints on in-situ stress and rock strength.

Simplify wellbore breakout data

The user interface is simple, offering a comprehensive and complementary set of plots for quick interpretation. Customize parameters with scalable profile view, histogram, and polar view display data in a way that makes sense.

The software allows you to input standard LAS or ASCII four- and six-arm caliper data measured from standard dipmeter tools. Breakout directions are saved as ASCII text. Analysis results are shown in plots. These may be printed, copied, and saved directly from the application to optimize workflow.

You can customize displays with flexible unit and reference plot systems. You can also run separate analyses on user-defined data sections for focused interpretation.

Interpret with flexibility

Choose from a comprehensive set of plots for both four-arm and six-arm caliper data:

  • pad-stacked well plot—shows pad location over the entire analyzed interval projected onto a cross section of the wellbore
  • breakout-stacked well plot—shows breakout position over the entire analyzed interval projected onto a cross section of the wellbore
  • breakout histogram plot or rose plot—shows breakout frequency as a function of breakout azimuth over the entire analyzed depth interval.

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