Imager (Geomechanical Image Interpretation)

Improve wellbore image analysis

Imager™ software allows you to get a better look at wellbore image data from acoustic to electrical to optical. You can perform detailed fracture analyses, including measurement and classification of natural fracture and fault orientation, distribution, and apparent aperture. Use the software for discrimination of structures from stratigraphic dip and sorting out drilling-induced versus natural fractures and faults.

Book more hydrocarbon reserves

Characterize sedimentary features and measure sedimentary dips and thicknesses. You can comprehensively classify lithologies, sedimentary features, and textures to enhance your knowledge of porosity and permeability to increase profitability.

Mitigate drilling instability

The software allows you to characterize comprehensive, tensile, and shear wellbore failures to accurately constrain stress magnitude and orientation and in-situ rock strength. No ambiguities. No surprises.

Enhance decision making

Make better decisions with the software’s analytical tools. You can see wellbore image data in full-color, unwrapped views, polar cross sections, and 3D cylindrical and log profile views. Automatically measure depth, dip, and dip direction of natural fractures, faults, and stratigraphic contacts.

Get detailed evaluation of wellbore breakout orientation and width and the orientation of drilling-induced tensile wall fractures. Measure and classify stratigraphic intervals with a built-in classification system based on industry standards.

The software easily classifies and describes image log features. Make quick decisions with menus, dialog boxes, quick-scrolling, resizing, and interval selection. Enhance, calibrate, rescale, and plot image data. Access project image data archived on CD-ROM complete with a version of the software linked to your data sets.

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