MohrFracs (Fracture and Fault Stability Interpretation)

Optimize production from fractured reservoirs

MohrFracs™ software leverages fractured reservoir information from our other software applications. This ensures the best selection of drilling trajectories. The software uses stress state information and image analysis data from SFIB™ software and Imager™ software.

Reduce exploration risk

Stable faults prevent fluid migration while active ones allow for reservoir fluid release. The software defines fault seal integrity and quantifies hydrocarbon column height. This results in better decisions and less risk.

Export fault stability results for 3D display using JewelSuite™ reservoir software or third-party structural analysis software. With stress state data, proximity to failure of basin-bounding faults can be calculated anywhere along the fault.

Optimize well planning

Identify critically stressed faults and fractures most likely to control fluid flow. Predict drilling trajectories that optimize reservoir drainage. Identify the subset of fractures and pore pressure regimes that cause wellbore instability and jeopardize fault seal integrity.

You can make better well placement choices. Select zones for recompletion while detecting red flags, such as fractures and faults that damage efficiency of secondary recovery methods. These include water, CO2, and steam flooding.

Gain profitable insight

Three output displays combine stress magnitude and direction information with knowledge about fluid-conducting fractures derived from wellbore image or dipmeter data.

Tadpole plots highlight critically stressed fractures as a function of depth. This functionality helps you to choose target intervals for hydraulic fracturing completion.

Lower hemisphere stereographic projections let you pick trajectories that intersect the most permeable fractures. 3D Mohr diagrams of shear versus effective normal stress reveal fractures optimally oriented for frictional failure.

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