SFIB (Stress and Failure of Inclined Boreholes)

Assess stress state around the wellbore

Our SFIB™ stress and failure of inclined boreholes software offers full 3D stress modeling for wellbore breakouts and tensile wall fractures. Forward modeling of inclined drilling-induced tensile wall fractures allows for assessment of the stress state around a wellbore. This also reveals tendency for compressive and tensile wellbore failure.

With SFIB software, you get down to uncommon and uncommonly profitable modeling detail. You can include thermal effects and account for rock strength anisotropy in weak bedding planes. Employ thermoporoelastic, poroelastic, and chemoporoelastic rock models for time-dependent effects on stability from mud-rock interactions.

Optimize well design and reservoir production

The software offers critical stress field knowledge, which is crucial for solving wellbore stability issues, optimizing hydraulic fracture design, and maximizing production. You can collaborate to design optimally stable wellbore trajectories and determine optimal mud weights. This prevents excessive and costly wellbore failures and sidetracks while eliminating intermediate casing strings. Drilling and reservoir engineers can use existing well data for future well design and optimizing reservoir production.

More effective early well planning, more comprehensive data usage, and powerful proprietary technology diminishes costly rig time and wasted efforts.

The quantitative risk assessment module presents success probability as a function of equivalent mud weight. The module shows which variables most impact risk, enabling the best possible business decisions for your reservoir.

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