JewelSuite GeoMechanics

Improve reservoir insight and accurately assess geomechanical risks

The Baker Hughes JewelSuite™ GeoMechanics software application  creates powerful models to help you develop better well plans and define a safe operating window to maximize drilling performance, minimize drilling risk, and improve safety. From 1D well-centric models to static full-field 3D models, JewelSuite™ GeoMechanics software gives you greater insight to optimize the performance of your wells and reservoirs.

The JewelSuite GeoMechanics application includes a full suite of modules that can be used as standalone applications or in combination with other modules for an advanced, integrated geomechanical workflow. You can easily connect to a remote WITSML server to download and upload WITSML data, or use local WITSML files to import and export WITSML data for a more complete picture so you can address more challenging problems and greater opportunities.

1D Model module

Rapidly build and analyize well-centric geomechanical models with JewelSuite GeoMechanics. The 1D Model module also enables you to reliably predict abnormal pressure incidents during drilling to mitigate kicks, blowouts, and lost circulation. You can predict pore pressure using traditional methods such as Eaton, equivalent depth ration and Bowers calibrated with drilling data. You can also access advanced methods such as buoyancy, centroid, and effects of injection or depletion.

Wellbore Stability module

Reliably forecast wellbore instability before, during and after drilling to mitigate wellbore collapse, tight hole, stuck pipe, fishing, kicks, lost circulation, formation damage, casing deformation, and sidetracks.

The Wellbore Stability module enables you to quickly evaluate the drilling risk for proposed well plans by calculating wellbore failure along the well trajectory for a proposed mud program and predict the required mud weight to support wellbore stability and evaluate your casing design to prevent wellbore failure.

3D Model module

Capture the varying stresses, pore pressures, and rock properties of your entire field and build precise 3D geomechanical models from 3D structural models and 1D well models. The 3D Model module addresses moderately complex geology without major stress distortions and overcomes the limitations of 1D depth stretching that can be used for wells in simple geology by honoring structural and stratigraphic constraints.

Fault and Fracture Stability module

Quickly model fault structures, stress, and pore pressure and analyze the effects of pressure changes during drilling and production operations. With the fault and fracture stability module, you can also analyze caprock integrity in order to determine the proximal distance to failure if pore pressure communication exists between your reservoir and surrounding rock.

JewelSuite GeoMechanics is built on the JewelEarth™ development platform so you can easily exchanging data between other JewelSuite applications through shared files, or by dragging and dropping data.


1D Model

Create well-centric geomechanical models to reliably predict abnormal pressure during drilling to mitigate kicks, lost circulation, and NPT.


Wellbore Stability

Quickly evaluate wellbore stability from well logs and drilling data before, during and after drilling.


3D Model

Build 3D geomechanical models from 3D structural models and 1D well models while addressing moderately complex geology without major stress distortions.


Fault and Fracture Stability

Software for analyzing the stability of faults and fractures to prevent major safety and environmental incidents when drilling for oil and gas.


4D Geomechanics

Better understand and mitigate the effects of geomechanical changes over the life of the field.


Real-Time WITSML Add-in

Access real-time or playback drilling data to reduce the inherent uncertainties during drilling and make more reliable predictions of abnormal pressure events and wellbore instability ahead of...

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