4D Geomechanics

Gain a deeper understanding of your reservoir properties over time

Over time, pressure and stresses change.  These and other geomechanical changes affect your reservoir and can have significant impact on production over the life of the field.  JewelSuite™ Subsurface Modeling software with SIMULIA’s Abaqus Unified Finite Element Analysis (FEA) product suite creates a robust, single environment for integrated reservoir modeling and simulation. It lets you build realistic, high-resolution, 3D finite-element models of reservoirs and overburdens in significantly less time, allowing you to minimize risk and enhance reserves by simulating the complex geomechanical behavior of a reservoir.

  • Quantify stress changes, impact on production, long-term completion stability and fault activation.
  • Accurately calculate deformations within and around the reservoir, as well as anticipate the necessary steps to mitigate subsidence.

The unique solution of JewelSuite with Abaqus enables you to predict and explain current and future full-field geomechanics behavior under drilling, stimulation and production scenarios for better field development strategies to help reduce costs and improve oil recovery.

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JewelSuite GeoMechanics

JewelSuite™ GeoMechanics software is composed of powerful well-centric and reservoir-centric applications for geomechanical modeling and wellbore stability analysis.

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