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Incorporate well-centric geomechanical analyses into your 3D reservoir models to optimize your well plans

JewelSuite™  GeoMechanics software offers a proven workflow to help you optimize your wells even in complex situations while saving time and lowering costs. The 3D Model module enables users to build 3D geomechanical models from 3D structural models and 1D well models while addressing moderately complex geology without major stress distortions. It overcomes the limitations of 1D depth stretching that can be used for near vertical wells in simple geology by honoring structural and stratigraphic constraints.

When drilling a high number of directional or even horizontal wells, capturing the varying stresses, pore pressures and rock properties on the field scale allows you to optimize well integrity. 3D static geomechanics models integrate high resolution, calibrated 1D well models that are robust and accurate. You can calculate precise 3D overburden pressure, rock mechanical properties, formation pore pressure, fracture pressure, and horizontal stresses. From the 3D geomechanical models, you can extract virtual 1D well models for arbitrary well locations and trajectories for both planned wells and for wells with incomplete data.

The 3D Model module will accelerate your project and reduce errors. The workflow strip leads you step-by-step through processes and enables even the most novice users to quickly learn the application. The built-in audit trail captures all actions performed for a project and provides auditable and reproducible modeling steps that can easily be converted to workflow automation scripts.

Building reliable 3D geomechanical models with JewelSuite GeoMechanics is straightforward and painless. You can use the 3D Model module within JewelSuite GeoMechanics as a standalone application or in combination with other modules such as 1D Model, Wellbore Stability, and Fault and Fracture Stability for an advanced, integrated geomechanical workflow.

JewelSuite GeoMechanics is built on the JewelEarth™ development platform so you can easily exchanging data between other JewelSuite applications through shared files, or by dragging and dropping data.

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