Well Interventions

Solve problems and rejuvenate production with wellbore intervention services

Well Interventions services help you solve unforeseen problems in your wells; clean and remove debris before completion; safely suspend production during storms or planned maintenance; conduct remediation and stimulation to rejuvenate production; sidetrack existing wells to reach new targets; and carry out safe and effective plug and abandonment at the end of the well’s economic life.

Baker Hughes has industry-leading experience in all aspects of wellbore intervention. We offer the broadest portfolio of practical and innovative technologies for conventional and through-tubing fishing, casing exits, remediation and stimulation, and wellbore clean-up for efficient operations with minimal non-productive time (NPT). 

Conventional fishing technologies for open and cased hole operations include milling, cutting, and washover tools dressed with METAL MUNCHER™ Advanced Milling Technology cutters, available in a variety of shapes and metallurgies to match the application. A full range of spears, overshots, and retrieving tools efficiently remove fish, mill packers, and cut tubulars. 

Sentio™ smart intervention services combine the latest milling and retrieving equipment with downhole sensors to provide real-time data to optimize fishing operations.

Wellbore clean-up services combine a portfolio of mechanical cleaning tools and displacement fluids to remove debris and clean casing, risers, and BOPs to ensure that the completion can be run reliably. 

Through-tubing products and services enable live well intervention.  Baker Hughes provides coiled-tubing fishing, milling, and cutting equipment, as well as a full complement of downhole motors and inflatable systems.

Remedial and stimulation tools include bridge plugs, inflatables, service packers, straddle packers, and other equipment for workover and recompletion services. 

Casing exit systems combine whipstocks, anchors, and milling assemblies to efficiently cut windows through one or more casing strings to begin sidetrack operations. 

Well plug and abandonment services include project planning, project management, and a wide array of wellbore intervention, casing and conductor pulling, wireline, and cement services. 

In short, Baker Hughes wellbore intervention products and services can add value throughout the productive life of your well.  


Fishing Services

Rely on our fishing service experience and technology to remove obstructions from your well with minimal NPT.

Reservoir Evaluation

Cased Hole Formation Evaluation services identify zones of opportunity in cased wells.

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