Casing Exits

Increase profit by accessing previously uneconomic reserves and bypassing trouble

Our fast, efficient, reliable, and versatile casing exit systems enable one-trip, full-gauge window cutting in a wide range of formations and hole conditions. Good casing exits are crucial to reaching previously uneconomical reserves and bypassing trouble.

Our casing exit technology—anchors, window mills, retrieving tools, section mills, underreamers, whipstocks, and accessory tools—and global experience have proven to be successful in thousands of wells.

We can deliver a high-quality casing exit from any kind of steel. Full-gauge windows give you more completion options. Regardless of your requirements for a casing exit—to solve problems or get faster access to new reserves—get it done faster, more efficiently, and with minimum risk.

These systems leverage some of our proven, high-performance technology, such as mills that use technology from METAL MUNCHER™ fishing tools and Genesis™ PDC bits.


Whipstock Anchor Systems

A variety of hydraulic and mechanical-set anchoring options secure our whipstocks in the wellbore.


Mills and Accessory Tools

Our technologies enable one-trip window exits in difficult formations. A complete line of accessory tools ensures efficient milling of casing exits.


Retrieving Tools

Retrieving tools engage and retrieve whipstock systems from wellbores. They can be oriented with an MWD system or gyro to ensure engagement of the whipstock face during retrieval.


Section Milling/Pilot Milling

Section milling/pilot milling removes the entire casing from a section of the well.



We have the most efficient tool for hole opening, underreaming, and casing milling, which gets your job done with the lowest cost and risk.


Whipstock Systems

Get more reservoir access for less cost than drilling a new well or quickly bypass problems and avoid abandoning your existing wellbore.

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