Retrieving Tools

Quickly and reliably retrieve whipstocks from the wellbore

We have the reliable retrieving tools for engaging and retrieving whipstock systems from the wellbore. These tools can be oriented with an MWD system or gyro to ensure engagement of the whipstock face during retrieval.

The fixed-lug retrieving tool is the primary method of engaging WindowMaster™ whipstocks and removing them from the wellbore. It can be easily disengaged and reengaged multiple times. The tool will take weight for cocking fishing jars, if necessary. A jet at the top of the tool cleans the retrieving slot, and a dovetail slot prevents dropping the whipstock while pulling out of hole.

The special taper box tap is used to engage and retrieve WindowMaster whipstocks. Once engaged, the retrievable anchor or packer can then be released from the wellbore. The wicker profile is designed to match the upper segment of the whipstock profile. It will not damage the whipstock face. A guide aids in getting over top of whipstock. The special taper box tap is not a releasable tool.