Section Milling/Pilot Milling

Quickly remove old casing for reliable replacement or sidetracking

Our section milling/pilot milling technologies remove old casing from a well section.

The LOCKOMATIC™ section mill is unmatched for hole opening, underreaming, and casing milling. The LOCKOMATIC mill is as reliable as the drillstring itself because the lock is an extension of the drillstring. There is direct control of the tool, as if the lock were in the driller's hand.

The high-performance METAL MUNCHER™ pilot mill is used for milling washover pipe, casing, and liners. The blade design continuously indexes a new cutting surface during milling. The insert design produces small, uniform and easy to handle cuttings. Pilot milling with METAL MUNCHER inserts should be treated as a machining process rather than a milling process. Once the optimum weight and RPM is established, they should be adhered to.

The METAL MUNCHER cutting structure allows up to 10 times the ROP and requires a mud system capable of suspending the cuttings and carrying them to the surface. Special consideration should also be given to additional surface equipment to handle cuttings.

The METAL MUNCHER Turbo pilot mill is available with 18-in. blades for slot recovery and long sections of casing to be milled.

The Model D™ section mill is a hydraulically operated inside section mill cutter for sidetracking and plug and abandonment operations. The knife design reduces long stringers and removes casing in short chips for easy lift and removal by the drilling fluid. Knives are dressed with Advance Milling Technology (AMT) inserts, and all six knives are used for the initial cutout, which reduces cutout time and minimizes the chance of bent or broken knives.