Conventional Fishing Services

Safely and efficiently remove wellbore obstructions

Our portfolio of conventional fishing technologies for cased-and open-hole operations includes the industry’s largest selection of fishing, milling, cutting, and specialty tools. These field-proven tools and systems are designed to remove wellbore obstructions safely and efficiently, so you can maximize production and minimize downtime. From specialty carbide inserts that enhance penetration rates and mill life, to our Harpoon™ cut and pull spear that allows multiple cut-and-pull attempts in a single trip, we have time-tested equipment and experts with extensive fishing experience to meet your fishing challenge.


Accessory Tools and Equipment

You can depend on us to enhance your fishing operations’ effectiveness with the right tools and equipment.


Cutting Structure

Our cutter technology has increased mill life and penetration rates by as much as 1,000%.


Internal/External Engagement Tools

Reconnect to the fish with lower risk of failure when screwing in with drillpipe is not possible.


Internal/External Cutter Tools

Our internal and external cutters enhance efficiency when cutting casing or production tubing in well abandonments or when tubing is plugged


Milling Washover

Our customized tools for special-purpose fishing operations are more efficient and lower cost than generic tools.


Packer Milling Retrieving

One-trip packer milling and retrieving tools reduce rig time.



Specialty tools perform specific tasks within a narrow range of intervention services. They are stocked in regional service areas.

Harpoon Cut and Pull Spear

The Harpoon™ cut and pull spear reduces NPT and improves the overall efficiency, safety, and economics of P&A...

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