Harpoon Cut and Pull Spear

Reduce NPT and Improve Success Rates

ASME Best Mechanical Engineering Achievement Award

Increase efficiency in offshore casing removal and slot recovery operations with the new Harpoon™ cut and pull spear. The spear can be set and reset several times through simple mechanical manipulation, allowing multiple cut-and-pull attempts in a single trip for reduced non-productive time (NPT). This is especially advantageous in situations where cement bond and scale build up are unknown, improving the probability of success.

The spear doesn’t require a stop ring, so it can engage the casing directly above the cut, ensuring maximum force is distributed at the cut point. Specially designed FLEX-LOCK™ slips distribute loads evenly across the entire casing diameter to prevent casing deformation, and the tool applies tension during cutting for improved cutting performance. A built-in filter helps control debris for increased reliability.

The Harpoon spear’s design also supports loads in both directions so it can accommodate the use of fishing jars. For added safety, the spear features a pack-off device to control the circulation of annular fluids from the well, or in the event that a pressurized zone is exposed during the cutting operation.


  • Slot recovery
  • Well plug and abandonment
  • Land operations
  • Offshore/deepwater
  • Where cement and scale build up are unknown

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