TRAILBLAZER Wellbore Preparation Tool

Improve reliability during downhole installations

Debris and buildup can cause setting failures and reliability issues during downhole installation. While dedicated cleanouts are preferred to avoid these risks, they are not always economically feasible. The TRAILBLAZER™ wellbore preparation tool builds on field-proven Baker Hughes wellbore cleanup technology to deliver an integrated, cost-effective tool that is deployed as part of the downhole BHA assembly to provide additional cleaning during wellbore installation.

The TRAILBLAZER can be run ahead of bridge plugs, whipstocks, or lower completion systems that will be temporarily or permanently installed in the wellbore to clean and remove debris as the BHA moves downhole to prepare the setting area and improve operational reliability. With a simple, yet robust design, three cleanup functions are incorporated into one tool including scraper, brush, and magnet sections.

  • Scrapers are used to remove mud, rust, scale, paraffin and other related buildup
  • The brush section assists the scraper with additional debris removal to improve cleaning effectiveness
  • Magnets collect ferrous debris and retrieve it to surface to clear obstructions from the wellbore

X-Treme Clean Wellbore Cleanup and Displacement Solution

Ensure trouble-free completions and productive wells using our comprehensive Baker Hughes X-Treme Clean™ wellbore cleanup and displacement solution.

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