Vectored Annular Cleaning System (VACS) Technology

Reduce operational risk and prevent damage with targeted well cleanup

The Baker Hughes vectored annular cleaning system (VACS™) technology effectively recovers debris or junk in openhole or cased hole for reduced project risk and minimized formation damage. This is the most reliable and cost-effective wellbore cleanup solution to ensure the integrity of your completion/production work.

When a condition, such as poor circulation, prevents you from using conventional well cleaning methods, call us to restore your well to optimal performance. VACS technology clears debris and junk when other methods don’t work.

Whether the debris and junk ranges from cuttings, sand, or shavings to drilling cones, bits, and hand tools, you can rely on our wellbore cleaning recommendations. Combine our VACS technology, prejob planning service, and global experience for downhole debris and junk management solutions that save you time and money in your most challenging applications.

Field- proven VACSPredictor™ software supports VACS job planning by optimizing the operation parameters with a downhole pressure and flow-rate profile.

Gulf of Mexico operator ensures completion with less rig time and reduced risk

An operator wanted to remove perforating burrs, clean the sump packer, and verify packer cleanliness. After perforating at 22,098 ft [6,735 m], the operator was having trouble snapping into the packer. A normal jetting and cleanup operation wouldn’t have worked in this deviated well.

We recommended our VACS engine with a downhole magnet, a string mill, and snap-latch system. The downhole magnet was used to remove additional metal debris. The string mill was used to remove perforation burrs; the snap-latch system indicated positively snapping in and out of the packer’s top section.

After approximately 1 hr circulation at the perforating depth, the snap latch was inserted into the packer successfully. In one trip, the VACS BHA removed perforating burrs, cleaned the sump packer, and verified packer cleanliness. Total recovered debris was about 50 lb [22.7 kg].


VACS G2 System

The VACS™ G2 system is a modular version of the field proven VACS system that offers easier handling and increased suction power for increased reliability and performance.

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